New dusk shots for the ‘Clifton Hill House’ project.

A fairly unproductive week this week, due to friends visiting for a few days. However, this weekend I have jumped back into work and have started a new lighting rig for the exterior dusk shots for my major project this year. Below is draft 1, I’m pretty happy with the results at this point, but there’s always room for plenty of tweaking! These images have some ‘chrom. abb.’ added but that is it. With that in mind, you can imagine that there is plenty of space for some nice post.

On another note, I’ve managed to get render times down to an entirely acceptable level – 15 mins for a 1400×1400 (that includes GI). In other words, I don’t have to be concerned about rendering out the animation any more!  As always, if you have any idea’s or anything at all which you feel will contribute towards the work – please let me know!


  1. jason wrote:

    what kind of GI you using? irradiance and light cache or Brute force and light cache, maybe something else?

  2. FourDTom wrote:

    Hi Jason, in this scene I used the usual method of Irradiance Map for primary and Light Cache for secondary. The post next to this one titled ‘a quick update’ shows a more final result. Hope this helps. Tom.

  3. jason wrote:

    thanks tom. very nice result for the render time. is that 15 mins on a single machine? is so what spec. hope you make tutorial after graduating or would you maybe consider sharing your dissertation publicly if that covers your techniques, settings etc.

    hope your getting job offers already!

  4. FourDTom wrote:

    15 mins on two 990x’s both with 24gb ram. As you can see though it’s quite heavy on vegetation! I’m actually writing up some tutorials at the moment to cover some of these topics. They should appear in the tutorials section of the site so keep an eye out :-)

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