Alvaro Uribe Oak Chair & Studio Lighting

I’ve finally found a home for this lovely oak chair by Alvaro Uribe. I’ve ended up modelling so much furniture for this project I just haven’t had a place to put it all, with the addition of the bedroom scene to my project I finally have the space I’ve been looking for. I went to alot of effort to properly unwrap this model so it would have been a shame to not use it!

I’ve also decided to go about modelling some studio lights to include in some of the scenes, I was struggling in some areas to get the level of illumination I would have liked. Since there were no windows and the artificial lighting was as bright as it could be I thought – why not add in some extra studio lighting to show off some of the modelling. I found some reference images on google;

I modelled based upon the above images to a high level of detail, (no clip or bolt was left out) and the render below shows the final result:

I was pleasantly surprised to find that when lit properly (true to life) these models work extremely well as real studio lights i.e. you can use them to light scenes! Anyway, here is the result with them in the bedroom scene (no post at all on these images at this point, its 2am right now, I’ll do it another time!):

As always, any questions, please let me know!

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